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So when interviewing a Wedding Planner, hire them not only based on their experience and expertise but how you feel about them when you are with them and talk to them. 

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Do you find it easy to talk to them? Do they seem to understand what you want? Do you feel comfortable and at ease with them? Do they seem a bit too controlling? Do they talk all the time and never listen? Do they only want to talk about their ideas and not yours? Do they explain themselves well? Do you think you can trust them? Do you see yourself enjoying a business partnership with them? 

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Planning a wedding can be a long and stressful process, so I think it is extremely important to work with someone you are compatible with to keep you healthy and happy during this time in your life. So just keep this in mind when hiring a wedding planner ... 

find someone who is skilled and has the experience to do the job, as well as someone you trust, is familiar with and enjoy working with and most importantly someone who will be your vision and can work together to make your dream come true. 

We understand how difficult it can be to find just the right event seller for your wedding or other type of event. Finding a wedding planner, event planner, or event vendor that you enjoy working with and trust is not an easy task. 

Our service is a bit like those dating services that match you with your perfect partner. While we may not find you the love of your life, we do make agreements. We use our online questionnaire that you complete to help us match you with a compatible, trusted event professional.

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